Bell the Cat With a Collar

Cats are perhaps the smallest of the feline order and though being domesticated, they have not lost their taste for roaming free, be it within their owners’ houses and around the campus. However, since 1999, it has become compulsory for all pet owners to have some kind of identification on their pets, which is why a pet collar is essential. The advantages of having some kind of identification on a cat are plenty. Suppose you are traveling to a new place and the cat wanders off and loses its way. Then who ever finds the feline can inform the authorities about it and they in – turn will get it back to you.

The biggest advantage of a cat collar is that it makes it very easy for the owner to take his or her cat for a walk in the park or walk way, without having the fear of the cat giving him or her the slip and sauntering off on her own. However, getting the collar around the cat’s neck is a lot similar to trying to bell the cat, literally. No animal likes to have a noose around the neck, so why should the cat be any different. This means that you will have to make the cat get used to the idea of wearing a collar. The best time for this is when the cat is still a kitten, as it will get used to wearing the collar faster and more easily.

Once the cat has become used to wearing the collar, twenty – four hours of the day, then its time to attach the leash to the collar and let it walk around the place with the leash attached, before you take it out for a walk. As there are plenty of cat owners, after the issuance of the order, the demand for collars have increased. Cat collars come in varying sizes and there is a variety of collars to choose from. They come in every conceivable color, shape and the best of materials, not to mention the host of accessories like tinker bells etc. When buying a cat collar, do remember to buy a collar with an elastic section, so that if the cat gets caught, it can set itself free by stretching the collar.

Since cats are of varying breeds and may be very expensive to acquire and rear, technology has invented micro – chips which are embedded under the skin of the cat to track a lost cat, and, the collar too has a wireless tracking devise which begins to beep, once you press the locator. If you do not have a collar for your cat, you may get fined by the state authorities for letting your pet roam around un-identified. Having a collar around the cat’s neck means not only style but also security for the cat and keeps you on the right side of the law. So what are you waiting for, go out and get your cat a collar.